It works like this: you tell DoDrop a little about yourself, and then it gives
you personalized recommendations that you can either do or drop.

It's based on your

Every time you choose to “do” or “drop” an activity, that feedback is used to improve your future suggestions. The app learns what your preferences are and adapts to your personality using machine learning, a type of artificial intelligence where a computer learns from patterns in data. This way, DoDrop's suggestions are completely unique to you.

Always something
new to suggest

DoDrop knows about hundreds of hobbies, sports, crafts, and adventures. It analyzes everything from popular pastimes to obscure niches. Whenever you open it, you’ll discover something you’ve never tried before.

It does the research
for you

DoDrop automatically finds the closest destinations for you to try things you're interested in. For creative activities, like crafts, it can find beginner's guides and provide tips to help you get started. It even takes into account factors like the time of day for added convenience.